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Hello Rucifa, good to see you finally made it! Extra Smiley Face
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Sigh.. another thing to add to my to fix list Sad Face Your name isn't aligned for some odd reason.
is it just aligned to the right? B1 is a little more right that you Extra Smiley Face
Looks aligned to me. Smiley Face Unless you've already fixed it..
Yes, B1 pointed out it is right aligned and not left. I never noticed cause of the similar username length lol. Confused Face
I should be done messing around with the friends templates etc, so should be all good to add one another to your friends list without being deleted from them. Innocent Face

Check it out. Extra Smiley Face
How do we embed videos here?

EDIT by Benjamin:
For future reference you can use this code: [video=youtube] YOUTUBE LINK [/video]

05/04/2020: I've now fixed the MyCode bar so all you need to do is look for the "Roll of Film" icon and select YouTube and insert the link.